Clear Vase


Brand: Corsi design

Designer: Gaetano Pesce

Fish Design is a polyhedric collection of artefacts. Fish Design is a phrase that produces objects for the home. From its origins in the mid-Nineties, Fish Design has spoken of uniqueness as the evolution of the standard. Vases by legendary Gaetano Pesce find their beauty in the uncommon, in the defect, in the sensuality, in the interactivity and in the giving of emotions. Light, elastic and flexible resin vases are hand-made and therefore never the same. 

Colors and materials: colors upon request; resin.

Dimensions: XS ø 9 x h 12 cm; S ø 10,5 x h 19 cm; M ø 16 x h 26 cm; L ø 22 x h 36 cm; XL ø 30 x h 56 cm; XXL ø 36 x h 70 cm

Availability: 6-8 weeks


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