Interior story #2: International Day of Italian Design

03 March 2017

Our next story this time brings us to Italy for several hours – but only meaningfully, without leaving the boundaries of the Garden Ring of Moscow. The festive evening took place in the Embassy of Italy in Moscow on March 2, devoted to the first International Day of the Italian Design – according to the Ambassador, all the Italian embassies in the world hosted the same event that day. For Italy, the design is not just art, creativity, self-expression, quality and aspiration towards searching and making new figures reflecting the beauty of this world. Design is a cult gathering more and more followers and we are definitely among them.

But let us return inside the boundaries of the Garden Ring. It is hard to say what comes to mind first – the contents or the form. The Embassy’s building – the great residence of 19th century in Denezhniy lane impresses with its eclecticism along with the fact that all the elements make pure harmony. Our curious sights manage to catch just a small part of it, but the atmosphere is felt right after the first step inside – the atmosphere formed both by architecture and adornments and the spirit of the past following you around. Berg, the textile magnate and millionaire, acquired the city residence from the writer Mikhail Zagoskin. The residence was built in 1897 in accordance with the project of the famous architect Petr Boitsov known for such buildings as Vladimir Khrapovitsky’s residence “Muromtsevo” in Vladimir province or the residence of Svyatopolk-Chetvertinskiy on Povarskaya street. The architect mixed completely different style directions, from Gothic and Barocco to Modern, which led to the creation of its very own style and unique charm. Rich interior – glamorous fretted ceiling, wooden panels, carved portals, majestic arches, enormous tapestries – literally locks you inside the time capsule making it impossible to believe that it is the year 2017 outside. As every old residence in Moscow, this one has not only become a part of history, but also keeps the dark history of its own. One of the arches leads to the tragically known Red parlor where history-turning event took place. July 6, 1918 here in the residence – a German Empire Embassy at the moment – German Ambassador count Wilhelm von Mirbach-Harff was murdered. According to the official version, the murder was committed by left socialist-revolutionaries to provoke the German army to stand against the Bolsheviks. They say, to this day at night the wayward ghost flies through the rooms and mumbles something in German. Comparing to this story, the fact that the electricity was brought to this house one of the first in line does not seem so fascinating. Although the “electric ball” that surprised many women and revealed their not so perfect make-up suitable only for gas lamps light is still funny.

Now – back to the contents. The event was organized with the support of two famous brands in the world of Italian design – Venini and Damiani. The jewelry story of Damiani is not quite close and familiar to us, although enraptures with its beauty and quality of production. Whereas Venini for us is a pure inspiration and legacy worth joining though for a couple of hours. No secret that new fresh ideas, forms, proportions and mixtures of materials and textures are nothing but the old and common seen through the prism of time and technology. More than 90-year history of Venini brand started on the isle of Murano – and no, not from the family workshop (how it may seem), but from the business partnership of the two – the antiquary and the lawyer from Milan (Paolo Venini). They revived the interest to the Murano glass and returned it back to being fashionable creating neat pieces from the superfine glass when it was more common for the workshops to create something with too detailed décor. Through its almost a 100-year existence, the company survived many ups and downs – the changes of the owners and designers, separations and mergers, different techniques of work, fires and triumph come-backs with new forms and colors. All of the events in its history formed the unmatched style and pattern, the outstanding identity of Venini brand.

In 2011 Venini celebrated its anniversary – 90 years by making a large-scale moving exhibition engaging museums all over the world – the Museum of Glass in Murano, Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana in Venice, Shanghai museum of glass and Bagatti Valsecchi museum in Milan. Since 2012 the brand has performed a major 10-year project of individual authorial exhibitions of artisans working with Venini that are gathered using materials from brand’s archives. The first exhibition was devoted to the designer Carlo Scarpa named «CarloScarpa. VENINI 1932-1947» and turned out to be a success.

Especially for the festive event some of the brand’s famous works were brought and exhibited in Moscow - VERONESE (Vittorio Zecchin), FUOCHI D’ARGENTO and SIDERALE by the designer Giorgio Vigna who was present at the event and told some interesting things about the technological process, inspiration sources and the experience of collaborating with other global brands. Today Venini is a part of Italian Luxury Industries group that bought out Venini in 2001 and aspires to reflect the approach set by Paolo Venini since 1921 – to focus on exclusivity, high quality of production and luxurious design.

We are sure – and reminded this to ourselves one more time – that the glass is our favorite material so far. It can be easily transformed, be both a shell and contents, it is dynamic and flexible, changeable and static at the same time. And Venini demonstrates the complication and simplicity of this material for almost a hundred years.


Attention on the material: new brands in NIDO Details gallery

07 February 2018

The conclusions of the past year are drawn, the holidays are long gone – and we are in the process of constant development. Seeking the design ideas outside the box, we choose the most interesting objects especially for you. The term “interesting” is quite complex for us. When it comes to the new brands that we are happy to announce the “interest” is mainly in the material. Read below for more.


Back to the basics: here is the main slogan and philosophy of QEEBOO, the Italian brand representing the object for everyday, not bourgeois use but suitable for everyone. The object seen to trust your interpretation which being dynamic and changeable may revive them from time to time.

Qeeboo recharge the patterns of icons of human imagination outside age adding some irony and immediacy that result in unbelievable mix of outstanding and always beautiful objects. The family of interior objects produced in collaboration with most outrageous and eclectic global designers: from Andrea Branzi to Front, from Richard Hutten to Studio Job, from Marcel Wanders to Nika Zupanc. The original objects in the panorama of national and international design, it is not just a showcase, but a charming place that only a designer as Stefano Giovannoni could design and realize. After years of successful work in the sphere of product design and designing a number of flagship objects, Giovannoni finally came up with his own brand worshiping the imagination beyond limits together with surprising awareness of the contemporary society’s needs. A common feature of all of his objects along with the expressive, easily identified playful design is their material: plastic. Famous designers implement their ideas through an unusual material carefully studying its characteristics and using all of its potential in order to give shape to the chairs, tables, lamps, vases and accessories. The magical mix of technological and technical approach, aesthetics and invention leads to creating multi-functional objects open for interpretation and usage of your very own desire.


Another new brand introduced in NIDO Details gallery is Corsi Design, it has a few things in common with the previous one – a legendary designer’s name and using unorthodox material. Fish Design by Gaetano Pesce includes decorative and functional interior objects made from sparkling and interactive material – resin. Resin as a material for product design is presented by Gaetano Pesce – the master, the legendary personality, non-conformist - in mid 90s. A bit of an artist, a bit of an artisan, a bit of an alchemist – Gaetano Pesce creates objects in its individual manner, impossible to reproduce. Starting to put an elastic material on the form, he “follows the way an object leads” as he says, so his creations may be perceived more as an art than design.

The journey of Fish Design collection to a big world started in 1996 and continues up to now including different variations of vases, cups, coffee tables, small kitchen accessories and even clocks and jewelry. Aside from aesthetical feature and unbelievable fantasy, vases by Fish Design are amazingly practical which is certainly not a common thing in product design – usually one has to choose between functionality and beauty. Pesce’s vases are light, unbreakable, perfectly shaped and easily cleaned. All of the objects, as designed by the author, should bring joy, bright emotions and kind humor into the living space. Here the intention to think outside the box, escape the limits of the standard and express the variety of the world: its sensuality, its aesthetics and its imperfections - is well detected. The particularity of the collection’s idea is that every time something new and fresh is created, so the uniqueness is guaranteed. 


M&O 2018: briefly

26 January 2018

Maison&Objet in January in our beloved Paris is an annual must for us. This is a point of meeting with our partners and acquaintance with new interesting names and brands in the world of product design, that will soon be added to our selection. This year the area of our research shifted towards the unique and unorthodox materials, unobvious functionality and objects produced from recycled stuff which now is an essential part of the ongoing trend for ecological approach to design presupposing not only the usage of eco-materials, but wastage recovery and upcycling. Soon enough we will tell about all of our findings, meanwhile – look through our brief photo review.


NIDO Details: in the first person

30 August 2017

We would like to present a small video about our project - who we are, what we do, how we see our aims and goals and what we strive for. Let's get to know each other better!

Moustache: French innovative pattern

26 July 2017

Moustache brand was created in France and is the pilot brand launching our gallery that collects design objects chosen carefully in order to implement our concept of the modern, well-thought interior space. Moustache is our tribute to France generous for art-legacy and unconditional and brave talents that keep surprising us with unorthodox approach in design and architecture.

Speaking about unorthodox – Moustache is not just a design brand with catchy name and funny logo. It is a publishing house established in 2009 specializing in modern interior design objects and furniture, whose founders Stéphane Arriubergé and Massimiliano Iorio initiated forming strong bonds between gifted designers – the bonds of common idea, expertise and professionalism. Moustache is an active participant of the international community of producers writing the history of the modern design.

Moustache collection is based on innovative ideas with a deep study of arts’ history, technical details and philosophy. The objects offer a different angle on the modern production and consumption concept. Nowadays when there is a certain market stagnation making it demand for a new consumer experience, Moustache prefers building long-term relationships with the world of design with cultural added value to targeted superficial actions. The founders remain in a constant search for the balance of aesthetics, function and form, paying serious attention to the production process. The brand cooperates with designers that share such a sustainable attitude towards the product. François Azambourg, Big-Game, Sébastien Cordoléani, Jean-Baptiste Fastrez, Benjamin Graindorge, Constance Guisset, Bertjan Pot, Dylan Martorell, Ionna Vautrin, Inga Sempé etc. are members of this talented community of the like-minded. The results of an approach consolidating the technical novelties, outstanding individuality and up-to-date implementation are the objects, each – unique.

The mentioned irregularity of the brand is also reflected by the visual presentation of the objects – great examples are the videos of some objects’ assembling/ utilization or the “breathing” installation at Spazio Rossana Orlandi for 5-year celebration of Moustache in 2014. Half Decade Beast was an illuminated gorge of objects created by the designer Jean-Baptiste Fastrez, pulsating and therefore making an effect of breathing. The installation combines several objects of different designers such as Scholten & Baijings, Formafantasma, Bertjan Pot, Raw-Edges, Constance Guisset, ECAL/Dimitri Bähler and Jean-Baptiste Fastrez symbolizing the achievement and overcoming the 5-year border of existence within the framework of Design Week 2014, then it was transferred to Bon Marché Rive Gauche in Paris for a couple of months.

Moustache objects are already a part of the history – they are introduced in different museums such as MoMa, Museum of Modern Art de New-York, le F.N.A.C, Fond National d’Art contemporain, centre national des arts plastiques, Paris la défense, Le Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Paris, Le MAKK, Museum of Decorative Arts in Cologne, Museum für Gestaltung de Zurich.

We are proud to introduce this outstanding brand in Russia as we share common goals and values. Moustache objects along with others of our collection are brought together by principles of simplicity and availability implemented in the unique form and dedicated content. 

(Photo/video, sources –,

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