Ballet chandelier

from 127000 RUB

Brand: Arturo Álvarez

Designer: Héctor Serrano

Ballet is a collection created from the experimentation with SIMETECH®. Its shapes are formed by the superposition or gathering of its vertexes, allowing freedom for the own flexibility of the material. The resulting volumes are fluid and natural due to the tension of the SIMETECH®. Its asymmetry makes its forms change depending on the point of view. Plié, Relevé, Elancé…a constant dance of light and shadows. Ballet Chandelier got a Best of Year award in 2016.

Colors and materials: white, grey, beige, yellow, orange; SIMETECH® by arturo alvarez

Dimensions: H: 250cm; 80 x Ø 80cm

Availability: 6-8 weeks


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